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Old Mill Brick

Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain

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Rocky Mountain Stone Ledger - Sample Product Details
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{ "currency": "USD", "value": 37.50, "items": [{ "item_id": "SL-008", "item_name": "Rocky Mountain", "affiliation": "Old Mill Building Products", "discount": "", "index": 1, "item_brand": "Old Mill Brick", "item_category2": "All","item_category3": "Stone Ledger", "item_variant": "Default Title", "price": 37.50, "quantity": ""}]}
{ "currency": "USD", "value": 37.50, "items": [ { "item_id": "SL-008", "item_name": "Rocky Mountain", "affiliation": "Old Mill Building Products", "discount": "", "index": 1, "item_brand": "Old Mill Brick", "item_category2": "All","item_category3": "Stone Ledger", "item_variant": "Default Title", "price": 37.50, "quantity": ""}]}

Rocky Mountain Quartzite Thin Stone Ledger - The Rugged Symphony of Alpine Majesty

Unearth the wild essence of towering peaks and expansive vistas with our "Rocky Mountain" Quartzite Thin Stone Ledger. Evoking the rugged grandeur of the Rockies, where towering summits kiss azure skies, this stone blends the raw power of nature with a touch of majestic elegance.


  • Product Dimensions: 6" x 24"/sheet
  • Quantity: 6 sheets/bundle
  • Color Palette: A dynamic interplay of greys, reminiscent of imposing cliff faces and alpine mist, harmonizing beautifully with earthy browns, echoing the winding trails and dense woodlands of mountain terrains.
  • Material: Pristine Quartzite, chosen for its lasting beauty and the inherent strength to withstand the test of time.
  • Finish: Split face, masterfully capturing the natural roughness and varied textures of the mountainsides that inspire its creation.
  • Inspiration: Crafted with the breathtaking panorama of the Rocky Mountains in mind, this stone speaks to those who hear the call of the wild and the allure of the heights.

With "Rocky Mountain" adorning your space, you bring a piece of the highlands home. Perfect for creating a focal point that resonates with power and serenity, this stone ledger serves as a constant reminder of nature's vastness, grandeur, and enduring allure. Embrace the spirit of the mountains, carved in stone.

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Our Stone Ledger is genuine stone

Old Mill Brick's stone ledger sheets enable a fast, easy, and high-quality installation of stone ledger that can be applied almost anywhere. Adds comfort, style, and value to your home or business and can be installed where full stone can't. Excellent for residential, commercial, interior, and exterior applications.

Product Features

  • Product Dimensions: 6" x 24"/sheet, 6 sheets/bundle
  • Genuine stone adhered together to form elegant stone ledger sheets for fast and simple installation
  • Save time and labor costs by taking advantage of the easiest installation of stone ledger on the market
  • Beautify virtually any surface both indoor and outdoor with real, authentic stone
  • Cuts easily with angle grinder or wet tile saw

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Measure project area

Step 2: Mix Old Mill Adhesive or modified thin set

Step 3: Apply Old Mill Adhesive or modified thin set (indoor and outdoor) to surface using a 1/2" notch trowel. 

Step 4: Apply stone ledger sheets. Press firmly.

Step 5: If necessary cut any sheets using a wet tile saw (preferable) or an angle grinder